Virtual candlelight vigil

The scientific community is sad to report the death of evidence, which passed away June 18th, 2012, after an over six year battle with Harper government policies. Objective and honest, evidence was heavily involved in all aspects of Canadian prosperity and will be sorely missed by all Canadians, whether they currently realize it or not.

As you may know, a funeral service will take place on Tuesday July 10th, 2012 beginning at the Ottawa Convention Centre, at 12:00 pm noon. The procession will end at Parliament Hill.

The ignorance the Harper government has shown towards the value of scientific evidence and the resulting reduction of the flow of scientific information affects Canadians from coast to coast. If you are unable to attend the Death of Evidence Rally in Ottawa on July 10th but would like to support the cause, you can show solidarity by participating in a virtual candlelight vigil to protest the suffering of the scientific community at the hand of the Harper government.

How can I participate in the vigil?

Use your cell phone or a digital camera to take photo of you holding a candle. If possible, incorporate a science-related tool or symbol in your photo (calculator, test tube, graduated cylinder, periodic table, magnifying glass, compass, goggles, etc).

You can upload that photo to the Candlelight Vigil: Death of Evidence group on Flickr: or email it to We will post those photos on the website at and will send a message with all of these photos to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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